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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Family Rooted: With 4 generations of expertise in fruits & vegetables, we bring you the highest quality ingredients straight from the farm to your kitchen. Our mission is to help you eat better & LiveMore!

- Love, Father & Daughter Co-Founders

Livemore Organic Smoothies in Target Retail Stores


Our company is built on a love and passion for fruits and vegetables and what they have to offer in terms of wellness and healing. 85 years in the fruit business has given us the knowledge and tools to create the best possible products for our customers.  

85 years of experience

These decades of experience have allowed us to find the highest quality farms, farmers and partners to help us thrive and succeed. Over time we have made countless relationships and partnerships that will last a lifetime. We have studied the fruit business for generations to ensure that we have created the best quality products for our community. 

... decades of experience has allowed us to find the highest quality farms, farmers and partners to help us thrive ...

What this amount of experience has allowed us to do is create truly meaningful relationships with our farmers. They have become part of the LiveMore family, allowing them to create their own passion and motivation around our mission as a company. We believe it’s essential as a company to be fully involved from start to finish in the production of our products, which is why we take forming relationships with our farmers so seriously. 


Farm to table

All of our fruits are handpicked, frozen and packaged within 24 hours. Over the years we’ve been able to successfully master the consistent production of our products, making the farm to table aspect truly come to life. LiveMore has always celebrated the farm to table mentality because it’s something that is so core to our company. The farm to table outlook encompasses our values of simple, clean ingredients with no added sugars or preservatives. It portrays our ideals of organically grown, handpicked produce which come straight from our farms to your table. One of our main goals is to be completely transparent with our community, which means educating you on every aspect of our production. We believe it is so important to have a fundamental knowledge of where your food is coming from and how it is produced. All of our fruits are grown organically in Chile and other parts of the world. Once they are grown to perfection, they are handpicked, frozen and packaged within 24 hours. When we say farm to table, we really mean it!


Benefits of being a small business with an international network

LiveMore prides itself in being both a mom & pop business, catering to the needs of our local community while also benefiting from a big business foundation. What gives LiveMore the big business foundation is the countless years of experience in the fruit industry, the large scope of knowledge of the business itself and the international network we’ve created. By incorporating these three big business elements with our small business ideals, we’ve been able to create a business different from any other. 

At LiveMore we aim to create long lasting relationships with all of our customers through our customer service. If our customers ever happen to encounter an issue, we are there to quickly and efficiently solve the matter. 

Small businesses have the benefit of being able to pay close attention to detail. In large corporations it’s difficult to perform adequate quality control. At LiveMore we are successfully able to make sure each and every product is made to perfection, ensuring no issues for our customers when it arrives at your table. 

LiveMore is unique in the way that we use big business elements to our advantage while keeping our values and ideals parallel to a small business. Our knowledge and experience in the industry has given us an advantage and has allowed us to compete with bigger corporations in the same field. Our small business mindset allows us to make our customers our #1 priority while keeping our love for health, the environment and our community on our sleeve.