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Cacao Crunch Dessert Bowl

Cacao Crunch Dessert Bowl


If you're like me and have been craving desserts every night but don't want to be unhealthy, I have the perfect solution! The amazing thing about adding cacao and peanut butter to smoothies is that it gives it that rich, creamy, ice cream like consistency minus all the added sugars & dairy. Let all your previous worries of desserts fade away as you sit back and enjoy this delicious masterpiece. 

1 frozen bananas 
1 LiveMore Organics Keto Friendly Cacao Smoothie Cup (or 1 cup of the LiveMore Organics Keto Friendly Blend)
1 tablespoons of cacao 
2 tablespoons of but butter
2 dates 
1/2 cup of plant based milk
1 cup of granola
1 tablespoon of coconut shreds


Put all ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Layer the bottom of your bowl with half the granola. Pour the blend on top and top with the remaining granola along with the coconut shreds and agave. Enjoy a guilt free dessert!